A choice of music videos from 2011

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I'm not a huge fan of music video as a medium, but this year I found myself discovering some that I liked via Youtube and Vimeo. I've selected them below, in no particular order. As a list it is slightly more lo-fi and pyschedelic than some others I guess, but that's just my personal preference.

A visually stunning effort to accompany this Timber Timbre song, I watched this for the first time in Halllowe'en week. Pleasantly spooky.

A Summer Camp video made using only animated GIFs.

A race around Glasgow featuring hundreds of people, capturing Mogwai's home city in its daily flux.

This video is the perfect companion to John Maus's music, its psychedelic imagery is fuzzy and puzzling but suits this song so well.

I love animation and this Mountain Goats video hits the spot.

Slightly sentimental reasons for including this Cashier no9 video. The Ulster Hall looks great and the dancer - the reknowned Northern Irish artist Jack Pakenham reminds me of going to gigs in the Empire Music Hall in Belfast, as he would dance like this at the end of the night.

Destroyer made the first video I can remember making an impact on me this year.

On her album Last Summer, Eleanor Friedberger looked back at the time she first moved to New York and this videoo underlined that by inter-cutting old and new footage. Unusual and maybe annoying for some, but it worked for me.

Pretty cut-out animation for a pretty Amor De Dias tune.

As anyone who is aware of Sarah Lund in the Killing knows, jumpers are back!

Again, another video that suits the music perfectly. A cinematic feel to this, but the visuals are disjointed and psychedelic, just like the Shabazz Palaces record.

The first time I saw this Fucked Up video I thought it was ridiculous, by the third time I was hooked and intrigued by the story. Clearly there are more films to come in this sequence.

These videos are a companion to my Spotify top 50, which I posted yesterday. Enjoy!

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