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Major update
Hi folks, I just thought I would post up some details about what I'm up to at the moment. Early this year I made the decision that I was going to write for other websites - I was getting on a bit and decided that I wanted my material read by a wider audience.
At the moment I am a regular contributor to the 405 and I have just started blogging for the Huffington Post.
I'm collating the pieces I've written as links here, so if you haven't seen any of my new material yet, feel free to have a look. I'm adding a few things to the archives here as well - what I call leftover reviews - which didn't quite make it in time to the other publications. Nothing too epic, just a Yo La Tengo/ Condo Fucks live review, and two album reviews - Thurston Moore's Demolished Thoughts, and the Sebastian Rochford and Pamelia Kurstin's recent collaboration Ouch Evil Slow Hop. The latter was supposed to be my debut on the 405, and my little joke was that it took an album of improvised theremin and percussion to get me writing about music again! Anyway, it missed its slot but it's here now. And yes, all those new pieces are on tumblr. It's the new style, haha.

Oh, and all this new wave of writing has sparked a slight ripple of interest in my old fanzine The Weedbus. There is now enough demand to enthuse me to finish scanning in the rest of the editions as PDFs. They will be coming soon, via posterous.com.

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