Morvern Callar: the music from the book

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Many years ago, when Lynne Ramsay's film of Morvern Callar was released, the impressive soundtrack didn't have much of an overlap with the music mentioned in the book. I've recently re-read the book and got the idea to seek out as much of the music as I could and build it into a Spotify playlist. Click this link to listen to the entire 5 hour effort. Unfortunately it doesn't have everything, I wish all of the Last Exit tracks she listens to were on Spotify, and whilst there are a lot of Ronald Shannon Jackson tracks on Spotify, there are none of the ones that Morvy likes! Strangely there is no PM Dawn on it either, though I did find their Morvern approved track So On and So On, on an old Island records compilation CD in my vaults - the one where My Bloody Valentine do We Have All The Time in the World! And sadly, but unsurprisingly, there is no Spiral Tribe on Spotify. I always associate Spiral Tribe with public protests, mainly around the time of the Criminal Justice Bill in 1993. Considering that protests are very much back, here is Breach the Peace and Sirius 23. Enjoy.


  1. Loved the playlist, must have taken a lot of time.I have recently written a small review for this book on my blog and would like to link this post and the playlist if you approve? It will be published 8.11.14. (

  2. Hello! I read Morvern Callar just before Christmas and was intrigued by all the music mentioned. I watched the film a couple of days ago and was disappointed – it's an OK film, but it's an entirely different beast to the book. Thanks so much for your hard work putting together this damn near comprehensive list!