GIG REVIEW: David Grubbs, London the Luminaire, 22nd January

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( <----I even took a good pic <----)
The last time I saw David Grubbs solo it ended up being a fairly low-key unengaging affair, possibly more to do with the venue and audience than anything Grubbs was attempting to do onstage.
Tonight, in the fantastically suited ambience of the Luminaire, he weaves a spell with just a goldtop Les Paul and an hour long set of songs. I was suprised to find that he sang on everything tonight, although that wasn't at the expense of any improvising. The first 'song' for instance, is 15 minutes long and he doesn't approach the mic until 5 minutes in.
His guitar sounds lovely and he drifts from post-rock improv, through jazz chords to the traditional progressions of the Carter family. He is also in an upbeat, post-Bush mood, which is understandable really. Some of the material is from last year's album and seems well worth another listen, while his faithful version of Gastr Del Sol's 'The Seasons Reverse' brings the most appreciative applause.

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