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GIG REPORT: The Publicist, Belfast Pavilion 18th Nov 2006
The Publicist is Seb Thomas, former drummer with Trans Am and Weird War, and his set is basically him playing drums along with an electro-funk backing tape. I think this would appeal more to fans of the more electronic records by Trans Am, although really it belongs with old skool electro-funk like ESG and co. This was pretty much a non-stop 40 minute set, and I think a larger more 'up-for-it' crowd would have helped make this into a really good night. Still fun though.


  1. Hey Jonathon,

    Just to let you know Seb is still the drummer in Trans Am and Weird War. I heard bits of the forthcoming trans am record and it's great!!


  2. Just to let you know Seb is still wielding the sticks for trans am and weird war.
    he played us a few tracks off the forthcoming trans am album after the show. it's really good!