John Peel's Record Box 29-33, an Eddie and Ernie special

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John Peel's Record Box 29-33, an Eddie and Ernie special

29. Eddie & Ernie - I believe she will + We try harder (CHESS)
30. Eddie & Ernie - I'm gonna always love you + Outcast (EASTERN)
31. Eddie & Ernie - Time waits for no one + That's the way it is (EASTERN)

More than anything this is box is proving to be a treasure trove of forgotten soul and rockabilly performers. Eddie and Ernie were an RnB duo from the '60s (biographical info here), and some of their material on these 7 inch singles is just beautiful. Sweet voices in the vein of Sam Cooke or Sam and Dave, I have to admit that I had never heard of them before. Some of their material occasionally pops up on Northern Soul collections, while all the B-sides are now found on the Lost Friends collection on Kent/ Ace records. No throwaway material here, all of these songs are worth hearing, adn in fact the B sides are more uptempo and immediate than some of the A-sides. It makes you think how much material like this has been forgotten. Eddie and Ernie's era is now represented by those acts that stayed in the mainstream, and acts like them remain unknown, even to music obsessives like me. It's a shame, but at the same time, a pleasure to discover them.

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