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Dusting off the House of Love
Yes, tonight sees the live return of the House of Love (Guy Chadwick AND Terry Bickers!) in Belfast, preceding their new album next month. I've just spent the morning digging out my old House of Love records and going through them to refresh my memory - I do not own a single moment of their music on CD! They were one of the first bands I ever saw live (early 1989 QUB) and their first album in particular turned me on to a lot of other bands around at the time (MBV in particular). Listening to it today I'm impressed how well the songs have held up -'Love in a Car' was just a revelation, I had forgotten how great that was. As well as the well known songs ('Christine') here's also the frantic paced stuff like 'Salome' and the gentler songs like 'Man To Child'. I would love to hear some of these tonight, and if the new material is in the same vein, bring it on!

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