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The upside down show
Last night I went to see Iron and Wine at the Empire as part of the Belfast Festival at Queens, except I was running a bit late and when I arrived they were over. Everyone I spoke to there was raving about them, but all I had to content myself was a performance by Scottish folk singer Alaistair Roberts. He was technically great, really different guitar tunings and a lot of 'found' songs from the annals of British folk music, but I couldn't help thinking that he should have been somewhere like the Duke of York (yes, I know it's off the festival map!) or at very least he should have been on first! The crowd drifted away gradually and it was all over very early indeed. A bad case of getting your artists in the wrong order and disappointing quite a few punters as a result.

A better festival experience happened today when I finally got see 'Shot by Both Sides', the collection of Ulster Rock Photography at the Old Museum Arts Centre. Some really excellent photos in there, it finishes on Saturday and is well worth a visit.

Current listening: Annie 'Anniemal', The Fall 'BBC Sessions', Mountain Goats 'We Shall All Be Healed'.

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