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Nearly list time again
In a move nearly as daft as putting your Christmas decorations up in November, Uncut have published their albums of the year in their current issue. Assuming normal publishing deadlines were adhered to this means that they would have been compiled sometime in September! I'm still listening to new releases on a daily basis to try and catch up. I'm currently listeniing to 'Sonic Nurse' which, despite being a bit of a Sonic Youth completist I've only heard this week. Also, I''ve revisited the Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' due to the power of positive reviews all over the net, and I have to admit it kind of creeps up on you. It is a very emotional record. I'm still lagging behind with the Magnetic Fields and Elliott Smith, not to mention the second Devendra Banhart album this year. I always prefer to compile lists after everyone else's has come out so I don't overlook anything, but that's cheating isn't it? Who cares anyway? People who measure their lives in 12 month intervals, that's who.

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