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About the streams...
The music stream has been running for 26 hours now and a couple of issues have come up. It seems to be ticking over nicely, although I have only been to test it on Macs running iTunes. It should work with any mp3 player and any OS although I haven't been able to test it as my Windows machine in work doesn't have an mp3 player, so any feedback is welcome. It is currently playing my entire iTunes library at random, the last 20 tunes played were...
Summer Stories - Sunburned Hand Of The Man
Around My Smile - Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Detroit Set 7-20-2000 - Fennesz
Sister Morphine - The Rolling Stones
love is a sign - The Go-Betweens
the heavy - Relaxed Muscle
Sexy Boy -Air
Too Shy To Say - Stevie Wonder
Second Skin - The Chameleons
It's Gonna Be (Alright) -Ween
Live Or Die - Mark Eitzel
Paintball's Coming Home - Half Man Half Biscuit
The Day Before You Came -Abba
Totally Natural - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Tracey Had A Hard Day Sunday - The Clientele
007, A Fantasy Bond Theme - Barry Adamson
The Prophet - Make Up
The Shy Retirer - Arab Strap
Stamp Your Name On It - Stipplicon
Screaming At A Wall - Minor Threat

I'll keep it running until Monday morning, so try and tune in and feedback to me!

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