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Yes, but what's that song??
Something odd happened on Friday night, and it happened again this morning. I heard a song on the radio that I really liked and I didn't catch the name of the band. The latter was particularly unfortunate as I only missed the title because my clock radio had gone into ear-spiltting beeping mode as Chris Moyles was about to say who it was. Thanks to the magic of BBC Radio Player I was able to listen again, only to find out that the song in question was the new single by Razorlight. Earlier in the year I heard this band just before they came to Belfast as part of Music Live and dismissed them completely, consequently ignoring them when they returned to play a sold out Empire last week. However, on the strength of their new single I'll be investigating them further.

Some words about this site
There will be no major changes until October. New reviews this month include PJ Harvey, Tracer AMC, Torgas Valley Reds, and I have uploaded a rough reviews index, although it still needs a bit of tweaking. Thanks to a program called Nicecast I will also be testing the possibilities of streaming some audio to accompany the site, but this won't be happening until I return from Italy at the end of September. In October I will be adding some brand new interviews and they will ALL be with bands from this part of the world. No names yet as the bands haven't been confirmed.

Belfast Festival at Queens
All the info is here. Some decent music I suppose, Dizzee, David Kitt, Rufus Wainwright and Iron and Wine to name a few. I think I can only make it to the Kittser and Iron and Wine but things may change.

Congrats to Franz and Domino!
Well done to Franz Ferdinand and Domino records for scooping the Mercury the other night. One of the best live bands I've seen all year, but then as Jo Wylie patronisingly reminded Minnie Driver on the awards show "It's all about the album you know"

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