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Happy days
Belfast is on a bit of a roll at the moment. Largely due to the presence of BBC's Music Live events and the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, and the fact that the best radio station around 6Music has been on FM in the Belfast area for the last month. Tonight they leave hand over to 1Xtra so all is not lost - as least we have another fresh station to listen to, although I'm not as into it as 6music. They played Loop, Jonathan Richman and Television while I was having my breakfast yesterday - you can't really beat that! Thank god I've got a Freeview box so I can keep listening, I was even pricing DAB receivers for the car earlier (price=too expensive!).
Anyway, like I said things are very good here. ATL TV (Across the Line) starts tonight on BBC2NI, though I have to set the video as I'll be out seeing Arab Strap, Iain Archer, etc at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.
Also, I haven't been as excited about a local release since Therapy?'s 'Meat Abstract'/ 'Punishment Kiss 7" in 1990, but the debut Torgas Valley Reds single 'Torgas Valley Blue'/ 'Me and My Buddies Would Vote For you' is just fantastic. Clips and info here.
Finally, I have decided to pick myself up and put the website together again. 46 interviews from the archives are ready to publish (there are 68 more where those came from - yikes!), and that rumoured new review section will be ready VERY VERY soon. Honest, I mean it this time!

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