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Putting 2003 to bed
New Year's resolutions are futile - but this year I will stop apologising for delays with this website.
This past year was the first for a long time where I didn't embark in a huge 'review of the year' style feature, although I am still threatening an expanded "albums of 2003" list than the one I'm about to post in a while.
Anyway, all I have to have to say about 2003 is that it was a year of a few very good releases, lots of bad releases and an awful lot of indifferent ones. Sadly, in my own world, it was a year where music mattered less than ever, and the words of that Piano Magic song keep entering my head - "Music can't save you from anything but silence/ Not from heartbreak, not from violence". I never used to believe that but I can see what they mean now.

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